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09-14-2002, 3:34 PM
Athlon 1.2 / 266fsb
512 PC133 SDRAM
Matrox G400MAX
WD 80G /2mb cache (old)
WD 80G/8mb cache (new)

I just cloned my system to a new WD 80G/8mb-cache drive. While I had it shut down, I blew out the system with canned air. Then I swapped and plugged in the new drive, turned on the power, and the CPU spins, as does the PSU, but I get no LED on floppy or hdd, no 'beep' and no POST or any display (orange monitor light does not switch to green-on).

I cleared CMOS (jumper), and then I get initial POST screen, hdd recognition with the Checksum Error - System Default Loaded. Still doesn't beep, though.

It will proceed to boot until the Windows splash screen, then hang after the progress bar has engaged and appears to be ready to launch Windows.

If I enter BIOS and set CPU to proper default speed (1200mb 266fsb), save and exit, then again I get no display, no boot, no beep ...

I've checked that cables/pin out is correct.. rechecked RAM and other seatings..

NO problems before the cloning. Same thing happens when trying to boot on the old drive.

What is wrong and how can I fix it?

09-14-2002, 4:52 PM
You've already eliminated the cloning being the source of the trouble, but here are a couple things to try...

First, you mentioned that you blew the whole system out before putting the new drive in. Check the motherboard very closely, especially around the CPU, for any foreign matter. My Compaq had the exact same symptoms and I found that one of the motherboard mounting screws had come out and was wedged between two parts on the board, look behind the motherboard too. Also check to make sure that all the mounting screws are tight, a weak ground might be the culprit too.

Second, the problem is showing with both the old and the new drive... Have you tried swapping the IDE cable out?

Third (OK, so I can't count), remove the bios battery and clean the socket contacts and the battery with a pencil eraser, then wipe with alcohol. A weak connection on the battery could be the culprit, too. If you have a digital multimeter handy, check the voltage of the battery, it might be weak or dead.

09-14-2002, 5:42 PM
You might also check for dust bunnys around the cmos chip (shorting out?)

Also make sure you clean your memory and clean out the memory slots really good.

What size Powersupply? How old is the powersupply? Whats the 5vsb amp rating?

09-14-2002, 5:43 PM
Is the mutiplier set at 9X.............?

Check the jumpers with the manual and see if you may have blown a jumper off of one of the headers.

Also check the bios chip to make sure it's all the way in.

09-14-2002, 5:45 PM
The system was working great before installing the new hdd and cloning it..

I checked the pins on the IDE controller and the drive, the cable is new with the retail WD, and the new hdd is jumpered to single, master (is only drive on IDE1) ... other drive is unplugged, disconnected.

every time I clear CMOS (using jumper; not by removing CMOS battery), enter BIOS to set CPU to speed, save, exit, nothing happens.

And, yes.. I have the blue ribbon connector attached to IDE1, and the black end to the drive.. ;/ What's scaring me is it's not beeping like it should.. no POST... I checked chips to push down in case of migration.. capacitors seem solid... nothing seems broken off..

tried different cable...

09-14-2002, 6:45 PM
I had the same problem last week with my KT7A. The only difference was I could get it to boot by playing with the power button instead of resetting the CMOS every time. It just started acting up for no reason. I ended up pulling it all apart and putting it back it together, resetting the CMOS and it has yet to act up again. I even cleaned out all the slots because I thought it might have been dust shorting them out.

09-14-2002, 7:30 PM
I went and bought a new Antec 350w PSU and the shiznit won't even turn on now. This just keeps getting better and better.


jad, that's right - we have the same board, don't we. ;/

09-14-2002, 8:39 PM

09-14-2002, 8:54 PM
socal have you tried booting with some other ram? Also have ya tried booting with the bare min. without sound,one stick ram,no nic, and so forth ? Does the bio keep the setting or will it even boot to bios after ya set it? Might try to underclock it and see if it will go. What is the cpu temp in bios?

09-14-2002, 9:21 PM
dead mobo, or bios, or cpu =P

oh sorry, MDS I didn't see your post.

I took everything out but the cpu and bought a new Antec 350W PSU. After various trials, cpu and psu spun up. But no beep.

Added mem, vidcard.. still no beep.. no POST...

dunno what else to do / try .. see first sentence ;./

I also got 3 hdds with my OS and 50-60G of data that are scrambled and I hope I can recover.

Old test boxes - I can't kill them. Never back em up, they never die. My main OS with my life on them.. with so much care and duplications .. all die.

Too tired to do any more now.. will go again in the a.m. will remove battery and clear CMOS and see if it POSTs in the a.m. If so, I will try to flash BIOS, see if that works. ....

Thanks for the replies and help :)

09-15-2002, 7:45 AM
Sorry to hear about your problem Socal. I think it's wondeful that you are too tired to do anymore!

Flashing the bios seems a little extreme (but this is Xtreme Pc Central isn't it) I know for me the more I work on trying to resove a problem the larger it gets as I get more frustrated. Taking a break, putting it back to it's original configuration and going over all connectors gets me out of a lot of jams.

Good Luck - Biff

09-15-2002, 8:06 AM
Hi Biff

I'm kind of cross-posting between here and TIMO, so here's what I've done this a.m.

Well, after clearing CMOS all night and putting battery back in, with only the CPU, mem and vidcard attached, I still get no POST, no beep. Same with mem removed.

Tried clearing CMOS again, no POST, no beep.

Took off CPU and checked it, reapplied some new goo and reinstalled.. still nothing.

I think I'll have to try another CPU before I can definitely rule the mobo as the problem.

If it I have a dead board, I'm wondering if replacing the BIOS chip would bring it back to life? There is an Abit office in CA.
It was pretty stupid of me to try the AMD hdds in the Pent. system kind of a desperation move that was. Also, my systems are always pretty clean - I've used canned air for years wihtout problems. But, I too have heard about the contaminants and the problems they might cause. Maybe my luck ran out this time.

I just hope I can recover my email ( on C: ) and data ( on D: ) I have 3 chances to get it... they are on 3 separate hdds.

09-15-2002, 8:51 AM
Have you tried unplugging it from the wall for a couple of minutes?

09-15-2002, 9:56 AM
Speedman, yes.. I've had it unplugged all night .. ;/


PLS SEND ME PMs or ICQs only until further notice-- NOT EMAILS as my email is on the other dual boot and I'll have to shut down Server to retrieve (and it's a PITA)


09-15-2002, 1:59 PM
Stuck a new battery into the mobo and it POSTs... thanks, KausiModem & MR COMPUTER *kiss* ;) hehe

Gotta put it all back together and see if it will work now....

* Just as a note, I had just gotten back from Fry's where they tested the CPU, mem and mobo. Dude said mobo was dead, never checked the battery.

09-15-2002, 2:13 PM
hehe your frys sounds like the custom shop here in williston, like I said in a earlyer thread, they told this guy his mobo was dead. sigh.

09-15-2002, 2:45 PM

09-15-2002, 3:35 PM
No worky. Back to sq one.

Just noticed there's a small cap below and to the right of the AGP that has light brownish powdery stuff on the top of it and it looks like it's a little pushed out.


09-15-2002, 4:30 PM
So the board is toast

09-15-2002, 5:49 PM
Yeah, I guess pretty much, unless I want to take a chance and learn how to solder caps. Plus, 3 more bad caps found. What, are they multiplying?

Anyway, the mobo is not relevant any longer. When I was removing my CPU this last time, I crushed the core. No more CPU, either.

Oil well. I'm going to bed.

Thanks everyone that helped.. it's appreciated. :)

09-15-2002, 6:52 PM
:( Sorry to hear of the loss

09-15-2002, 7:22 PM

09-15-2002, 7:52 PM

If it's any consolation...I've seen a few people kill motherboards simply by blowing them out with air. I'm not sure if it's maybe parts blowing off ( IE: crappy solder jobs ) or from thje air building up static...but it happens.

Try not to turn the air can to a point that it makes a condensation...that seems to trigger static damage ( kind of like spraying a CO2 fire extinguisher...it will static shock the crap out of you unless you ground the canister while spraying. )

09-15-2002, 7:58 PM
Sorry to hear about it socal.

I thought that brown stuff was dust on top of the caps.

09-15-2002, 9:18 PM
awwww :) thanks, guys :)

jad, that brown stuff is only on certain caps and the others were clean, so.. I'm guessing it's not supposed to be there lol.. ?

BBA.. yeah, I'll BET it was the freakin canned air!! grrr no mas canned air! gonna get a little vacuum for PCs

MDS and Mike... thanks :)

Y'all sure make a 'gal feel better and put a smile back on my face :)

If I had a good digicam I'd take pics of the deceased :p

09-15-2002, 9:42 PM
May it rest in peace

09-16-2002, 8:51 AM
May it rest in pieces....

Because it sounds like a good time to start experimenting with soldering. :)

09-18-2002, 4:16 PM
That's Great!

Now u can build that duallie you been dreaming of :)

09-18-2002, 4:25 PM
ya know - After putting in that new mobo battery - you might try with a PCI video card -

You might just have blown your AGP slot - but the rest of the board may be just fine......

As AGP runs hotter than PCI - the milage might just have blown that bus..... - just an idea if you come up with a loaner CPU for it.....

But then, another $130 and you can replace the board and move on with life......

as for re-soldering on a modern board - you chance melting something inbetween the board layers - usually not worth it.....

09-18-2002, 5:32 PM
I'm sorry for your loss socal. Sorry I wasn't around earlier to help troubleshoot. I had a feeling it was the battery as I was reading the post. I also noticed you mentioned the jumper setting on the HD. I had problems booting to my new WD 8meg and stupid me I had the jumpers wrong. Only by going to the website did I notice I had it wrong. There are two different "single" settings for it. See here for more (http://support.wdc.com/techinfo/general/jumpers.asp)

Out of curiosity how long was it unplugged from the wall before you used the canned air? Did you ground it first to release the static charge? And were you holding it close or far when spraying it?

I'm just trying to keep someone else from doing the same thing.

Again sorry to hear it. :(